Big Data from Space

Science World Report had an interesting conversation with Wolfgang Lengert, manager of two separate Earth-observation satellite missions at ESA. In the conversation, he tells more about tapping Big Data from space.
In the Earth-observation field it can be expected that ‘big data’ will help engender more inter-domain research. This will be achieved through the use of tools such as the Geohazard Supersite Exploitation Platform, which is a flagship of Helix Nebula. Here, the space and in-situ community are being enabled to use new data sets, as well as the knowledge of other communities.

Also, for climate change, ‘big data’ could help in identifying patterns and correlations. For example, a change of precipitation patterns can impact upon building subsidence, water scarcity and fluvial and pluvial flooding, which then has an impact on pumped drainage, transports and the overall ecosystem.