Eclipse for Hadoop, Hive, MongoDB, Cassandra

Eclipse Foundation recently released the latest version Eclipse Kepler. One of the major highlights is Eclipse BIRT which provides support to query HDFS, Hive, MongoDB and Cassandra.
As per Al Hilwa, an analyst with IDC, who told eWEEK. "...To my mind, the most notable things about the Kepler train is support for the just shipped EE 7, the BIRT [Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools] support for new NoSQL data sources and the maturing and stabilization of the Web IDE Orion. Eclipse is one of a handful of global wonders of open-source collaboration in terms of the number of developers and companies involved."

Ian Bull, part of Eclipse RT PMC says, "With the number of document based databases on the rise, this is a great example of very mature project growing to meet its user’s needs."
Eclipse newsletter lists down handy articles on how we  can utilize these connectors with BIRT. "It’s a good thing BIRT is not your traditional data processing application!
Eclipse BIRT was built with data source extensibility in mind. BIRT does this by leveraging the Eclipse Data Tools Project (DTP) and more specifically, the Open Data Access (ODA) framework. This framework allows new data sources, like recent big data sources, to be easily added to BIRT as needed." as per Virgil Dodson of Actuate.