From yawn to YARN

Wired's Klint Finely describes how Hadoop YARN was created. In a nice story telling fashion it tells how Arun Murthy was woken up at 3 am in the morning to fix a Hadoop problem. While he had been yawning in the middle of his slumber, the idea and concept of YARN started taking its roots.
“My journey with Hadoop almost didn’t happen,” Murthy remembers. “I looked at it and said: ‘Who the hell writes systems software in Java?’” ...
He found a quick work-around to the problem at hand, then began thinking about how to solve the larger issue.

By mid-2010, the Hadoop team thought the system was in good enough shape to start its next evolution. So Murthy and developers from across the Hadoop community finally started on the issue he had raised years before. The fruits of their labor will be added to Hadoop 2.0, which adds a new component known as YARN.