GE's latest Big Data salvo - Ayasdi

GE continues to make big foray into Big Data initiatives.
GE is so serious about Big Data, in fact, that it is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in Big Data initiatives. It got the ball rolling on that in April with a $105 million investment in platform-as-a-service company Pivotal, and in June it launched its own analytics platform, called Predictivity. Now GE has taken another step towards its “industrial Internet” goal by taking a stake in Big Data startup Ayasdi, which today announced a $30.6 million Series B round of funding.
(Ayasdi)relies on machine learning and “topological data analysis,” which, very roughly speaking, looks for and “measures” shapes within data sets. One of Ayasdi’s most pronounced successes to date has been discovering a previously undetected type of breast cancer.