World's largest advertising firm CEO shocked by PRISM

This is an interesting story to read... Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive of World's largest marketing communications group WPP says he was shocked by data collection as part of PRISM.
"I’m meant to know a little bit about these things, and I was surprised that the US government and the UK government were using data in that way. It took the UK government a few days to admit that they were using or being supplied with that data."
"Did I think that they were subpoenaing Facebook and Google, no."
The story published on Campaign Live also quotes Sorell that Gen Y is going to be quite concerned and skeptical about sharing personal data.
It ends of with an assuring message from Andrew 'Boz' Bosworth, Facebook's director of engineering :
"Even if you didn't trust us, for some reason, we have a strong incentive to make sure their data doesn't go loose."