Hortonworks VP sells shares worth half a million

Greg Pavlik , VP, Engineering of Hortonworks, Inc. has sold 17,866 shares of the company. This transaction was revelaed in a disclosure to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Aug 21, 2015. The shares were sold at a value of $25.95 per share which implies Greg bagged a cool  $466,797.31 from this transaction.

Hortonworks is among the leading companies of the big data technology era offering an open source commercial distribution of Hadoop. It had last year got listed on the stock exchange with a 1 billion dollar IPO.

Overall, there has not been a much change in share holding pattern of the company. The 6-month change recorded in total insider ownership was just -0.05%.  It is also being reported that Herbert Cunitz, President of Hortonworks, Inc., unloaded 6,750 shares at an average price of $26.8 on August 12, 2015 making a net amount of $180,900. This information is based on the disclosure done to Securities and Exchange Commission in a Form 4 filing by the company.