Apache Calcite is rapidly powering SQL world

Apache Calcite, a dynamic query management framework which powers Apache Hive, Drill, Phoenix and Kylin recently announced the release of Version 1.4.

The release 1.4 has a number of new features as well as numerous bug fixes.  It includes 50+ resolved JIRAs and contributions from more than 10 contributors. 

The following features are now fully implemented in Apache Calcite:

- Query parser, validator and optimizer

- Support for reading models in JSON format
- Many standard functions and aggregate functions
- JDBC queries against Linq4j and JDBC back-ends
- Linq4j front-end
- SQL features:
   -- SELECT,
-- FROM (including JOIN syntax), 

   -- GROUP BY (including GROUPING SETS), 
   -- aggregate functions (including COUNT(DISTINCT …) and FILTER), 
   -- HAVING, 
   -- ORDER BY (including NULLS FIRST/LAST), 
  -- set operations (UNION, INTERSECT, MINUS), sub-queries (including correlated sub-queries), 
  -- windowed aggregates, 
  -- LIMIT (syntax as Postgres); more details in the SQL reference
- Local and remote JDBC drivers
- Several adapters like Splunk, Spark, MongoDB, JDBC, CSV, JSON, Web tables, In-memory data Page.

With its wide adoption among various systems and database, Apache Calcite is rapidly becoming the preffered foundation layer of SQL on Hadoop Systems. 

To know more about Apache Caclite, scroll through this video from Julian Hyde, founder of the project at Strata + Hadoop World 2014.

Slides are available at this link.