Secure and easier Apache Storm rolled out

Apache Storm community recently announced release of 0.10 stable release which brings in a host of security and easier deployment functions.

As per the release announcement, Apache Storm has now incorporated some key additional features listed below:

- Secure, Multi-Tenant Deployment which includes:

    -- Kerberos Authentication with Automatic Credential Push and Renewal
    -- Pluggable Authorization and ACLs
    -- Multi-Tenant Scheduling with Per-User isolation and configurable resource limits.
    -- User Impersonation
    -- SSL Support for Storm UI, Log Viewer, and DRPC (Distributed Remote Procedure Call)
    -- Secure integration with other Hadoop Projects (such as ZooKeeper, HDFS, HBase, etc.)
    -- User isolation (Storm topologies run as the user who submitted them)

- Foundation for Rolling Upgrades and Continuity of Operations - to ensure upgrade with zero down time

- Easier Deployment and Declarative Topology Wiring with Flux
    -- Easily configure and deploy Storm topologies (Both Storm core and Micro-batch API) without embedding configuration in your topology code
    -- Support for existing topology code
    -- Define Storm Core API (Spouts/Bolts) using a flexible YAML DSL
    -- YAML DSL support for most Storm components (storm-kafka, storm-hdfs, storm-hbase, etc.)
    -- Convenient support for multi-lang components
    -- External property substitution/filtering for easily switching between configurations/environments (similar to Maven-style ${} substitution)

- Partial Key Groupings - for better utilization of resources when the incoming data is skewed
- Improved Logging Framework - for  higher throughput and orders of magnitude lower latency
- Streaming ingest with Apache Hive - that allows data to be written continuously into Hive
- Microsoft Azure Event Hubs Integration
- Redis Support
- JDBC/RDBMS Integration
- Reduced Dependency Conflicts