Recruiters guide to Hadoop ecosystem for 2016

Hadoop and big data ecosystem continues to evolve rapidly with newer products and innovations every month. With the dynamic churn, it is a hard task for recruiters to keep pace with the CIO and CTO demands. However, if you would like to set up an agenda for hiring in 2016, here are the skills we would like you to keep a watch on:

(1) Programming Languages:

Programming will never be out of fashion and will form a key backbone for the big data ecosystem. If you are looking for MapReduce or Spark developers, then Java and Scala are the skills to watch. If you are looking for Data Scientists, then Python and R should be on the list. Java and R have been around for ages now but there is a growing adoption of Scala and Python. So, keep a watch on those who exude confidence in either of these.

(2) Hadoop centric tools:

Apache Hive, Cloudera Impala and Spark SQL will continue to dominate the SQL on Hadoop landscape in 2016. There might be odd requests for Tajo, Drill, Actian Vortex, Splice Machine etc. which are very powerful tools but will see lesser adoption rates compared to first movers of Hive and Cloudera. Tools like Pig can be just considered as a supplementary skills.

(3) Data Science:

Beyond doubt, this year will also be challenging to find the right data science skills. As more and more companies try to realize their big data dreams, they would like to build a team of data scientists who have a combination of skills in analytics algorithms along with knowledge or Python/R. Domain knowledge along with hacking mindset may not be apparent in CVs but will need to be probed further out to find the right match.

(4) NoSQL database:

Cassandra will continue to lead the pack in Spark/Hadoop centered world with lesser demands for HBase compared to previous years. This is beyond the request for other wonderful db like MongoDB, CouchDB, Aerospike and the likes but they are not going to be per-se part of the ‘Hadoop team’. 

(5) Real time streaming:

Storm may have been seeing a small decline in interest compared to Spark Streaming but by no means is down and out. And, there is a constant knock on doors by another player Apache Flink which you can expect to pick up more by second half of 2016.

(6) Cluster administration:

Some skills never go out of the room even when seasons change and technologies revolutionize. So look for guys working in traditional data centers with strong Linux/DB administration skills. Combined with that, Hadoop and Cassandra administration is going to be big plus.

(7) Sales and HR specialists:

And let’s not forget there are going to be a new breed of sales and HR specialists who can talk the lingo and have deeper expertise in big data requirements. They are going to make the real difference for the firms in realizing their billion dollar ambitions.

While the above should act as a recruiter’s definitive guide for skill hunt in 2016, make sure at your end keep enrolling in skills upgrade. Get a refresher course or enroll in some cool conference or webinars to stay tuned to the ecosystem.