Apache Flink is grown up now, announces version 1.0

The hot open source streaming and batch processing system Apache Flink has made a major release milestone by announcing version 1.0 and promising more mature features and capabilities. Apache Flink ranked as one of the most influential products of 2015 by HadoopSphere is today among the most actively contributed open source product. 

While Apache Flink is more commonly associated with streaming, it has wider capabilities to support relational, machine learning and graph processing as well. It can run on a variety of cluster managers including Hadoop YARN. 

Flink was started as a Stratosphere research project 2009 by the Technical University of Berlin, along with several other European universities. The project entered Apache Incubator in April 2014 and soon became a Top-Level Project in December 2014.  In a release note, Ted Dunning, Vice President of the Apache Incubator and Chief Application Architect at MapR commented that "The two things that have always struck me about Flink has been the excellence of the code and the excellence of the team ... This pattern is continuing with this release." Just like its competitor Spark, the founders of Apache Flink have gone ahead and formed a commercial company of their own by the name Data-artisans. By the looks of what they are doing in Apache Flink, it seems there is a lot of art beside science under the hood. 

Some key features that make Apache Flink so talked about include:
- High Performance & Low Latency
- Support for Event Time and Out-of-Order Events
- Exactly-once Semantics for Stateful Computations
- Highly flexible Streaming Windows
- Continuous Streaming Model with Backpressure
- Fault-tolerance via Lightweight Distributed Snapshots
- One Runtime for Streaming and Batch Processing
- Efficient Memory Management
- An ecosystem of libraries
- Broad Integration with Hadoop, HBase, Tachyon, MRQL, Google Cloud Platform and others.
We will keep watching the product to see it's adoption within the industry.